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How is a Neck Lift Performed

As we age, our bodies will change in different ways. One area that commonly shows some of the first signs of getting older is the neck. Genetic disposition, less collagen production, gravity, and the effects of the sun cause the skin of the neck to droop and sag. Often referred to as “turkey waddle,” it… Read More

Kybella vs. Neck Lift

What’s the Difference? Aging can change everything about your body, from the way you feel to the way your skin looks and how it performs daily functions. The problem with aging is that it tends to show in wrinkles, sun spots and sagging skin. No one wants to show their age, so we try everything… Read More

Can You Have a Neck Lift Without a Face Lift?

Yes, a neck lift can be done without a face lift.  Confusion and disagreement about these facial enhancement procedures are common and related to different surgical technique and terminology.  Every person has a unique face and neck. Why? Because skin texture, sun damage, skin elasticity,  bone structure, fat compartments, neck diameter and neck length all… Read More