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Your Silicone Breast Implant is Ruptured. Does it Need to Be Removed?

No, not every ruptured silicone breast implant needs to be removed.  It’s important to differentiate the type of rupture; intra- or extra-capsular. Extra-capsular silicone breast implant ruptures should be removed, while intra-capsular ruptures, even if no symptoms or discomfort exist, should be followed closely by a board certified plastic surgeon and monitored with an MRI…. Read More

Can You Have a Neck Lift Without a Face Lift?

Yes, a neck lift can be done without a face lift.  Confusion and disagreement about these facial enhancement procedures are common and related to different surgical technique and terminology.  Every person has a unique face and neck. Why? Because skin texture, sun damage, skin elasticity,  bone structure, fat compartments, neck diameter and neck length all… Read More

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