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Which Injectable Is Right for Me?

With so many injectable treatments available, it may get a bit confusing to determine the best product for your cosmetic goals. For example, BOTOX and dermal fillers provide aesthetic benefits, but they don’t serve the same purpose. For this reason, it is crucial to understand the concerns you are targeting to decide which injectable –… Read More

Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift: How to Choose the Right Procedure for You

Nothing influences a woman’s feelings toward her body more than her breasts’ shape, size, and firmness. They define femininity. So, when breast appearance needs augmentation or cosmetic rejuvenation, it’s best to understand the options available. Breast augmentation and a breast lift help women achieve their aesthetic desires for their figures and breast presence. What Is… Read More

Recovery Tips Following Your Eyelid Surgery

You’re considering eyelid surgery but have some questions you want answered – a few are on how to prepare for the operation and others about the surgery itself. But what is most critical to understand is what happens when the surgery is over and you’re at home recovering. What you do during the healing process… Read More

Will a Breast Lift Make You Look Younger?

Most women know a breast lift can improve their breasts’ position and profile. But does that affect how young and vibrant you look? The answer lies in specific aspects of your anatomy. We typically describe mastopexy as a breast enhancement procedure – because that’s precisely what it is. But it helps to think of breast… Read More

3 Signs You Are a Candidate For a Face and Neck Lift

From constant emotional expresions to too much time in the sun, the aging process reveals itself vividly on the neck and face. This problem creates loose skin from a loss of elasticity earlier than on most bodily areas, causing patient concern about the neck and face earlier and more frequently than with others. For patients… Read More

The Different Types of Rhinoplasty Explained

Each human nose is of a complex design, comprised of many parts, including cartilage, bone, tissue, nerves, and more. Rhinoplasty is a complicated surgery and must be done with great skill and care. Every nose surgery must be carefully planned to achieve optimal results for each patient. When you consult with Dr. Cooper, your nose… Read More

How Many Areas Can I Liposuction At One Time

Is stubborn fat a problem? Just think if you could eliminate excess fat cells in one area for good. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Now think again. What if you could do more? Let’s say you have two, or three, or four problem areas. Will liposuction be able to treat them all in one session? Harvard-trained… Read More

Why Combining a Facelift With Eyelid Surgery Is a Win-Win

When you experience noticeable facial aging only in one area, a single cosmetic surgery like a facelift or blepharoplasty makes sense as a stand-alone operation. But when aging skin and volume loss affect the eyes and the lower face, Harvard-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Cooper recommends combining the two surgeries. This article will discuss why… Read More

Guide to Choosing the Best Facial Rejuvenation Procedures for You

Are you considering facial rejuvenation? If yes, to what extent do you wish to go? Are you interested in a non-surgical procedure like Botox®, dermal fillers, or lasers? Or something more permanent like a facelift or necklift? Facial rejuvenation refers to choosing cosmetic enhancements designed to restore the youthful beauty you enjoyed years ago. Some… Read More

10 Things to Know Before A Facial Fat Transfer

A facial fat transfer, also known as a fat injection or fat grafting, enhances facial volume to reduce wrinkles, lines, and hollows. Many individuals are paying close attention to this procedure, which uses natural tissue to improve facial appearance. Here are 10 tips we put together for those considering a facial fat transfer. 1. Nano… Read More