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How You Can Protect Your Skin This Winter

“Hold on,” you might say. “We’re in Southern Florida, not Canada, Chicago, or the North Pole.” And you’re right – we don’t experience winter like those places. People come down here to escape the relentless cold and everything that comes with it, like flaky skin and cracked lips. But even though we enjoy our sunny… Read More

Deep-Plane vs. SMAS Facelift

If you’re considering your best options for facelift surgery, the different available techniques may seem daunting. Because facial anatomy differs from patient to patient, your facelift method must match your cosmetic concerns and desired outcome. The two most advanced facelift approaches are called deep plane and superficial musculoaponeurotic system, or SMAS. Each can reduce the… Read More

Should I Exchange or Remove My Implants?

While breast implants have been available since the 1960s, their technology has significantly improved over the decades. Changing techniques and beauty standards have led many women to a critical question regarding their appearance and lifestyle: “Should I remove my implants or exchange them for a different size or material?” There are several motives to consult… Read More

What Are the Benefits of Having a Breast Lift with Breast Implant Removal?

Everyone wants to feel healthy and confident as they navigate personal decisions about their appearance. But when it comes to a woman’s breasts—one of the focal points of her femininity—this emotion intensifies. So, critical information about breast implant removal and what to do afterward is best discussed with professionals. Board-certified plastic surgeons with extensive experience… Read More

When Can You Exercise After Breast Augmentation?

If fitness is a significant part of your lifestyle, it may be frustrating to remain inactive for several weeks while your body heals after breast surgery. However, recuperating from breast augmentation will require activity restrictions to minimize potential complications and ensure optimal healing. Harvard-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Cooper understands your desire to challenge yourself… Read More

When to Consider Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast revision surgery is a popular and sometimes necessary procedure that offers several benefits, most notably to improve breast aesthetics or alleviate issues after trauma or previous surgery. Breast revision surgery may be a suitable option if you are not happy with the results of a previous breast augmentation or your existing implants are causing… Read More

The Miracle of Microneedling: What It Can Do for You

The concept of Microneedling, also called neocollagenesis, is not new, but it has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. Microneedling gives women and men the ability to achieve facial rejuvenation without incisions, sutures, or downtime. But how does it work? Are you a good candidate for Microneedling in Jupiter, Florida? To answer this… Read More

The Best Facial Rejuvenation Treatments for People Over 50

Once you reach the half-century milestone, you’ll likely enjoy more confidence and an improved sense of self compared to your youth. But when an aging face greets you in the morning every mirror, your newfound assertiveness likely won’t translate to your looks. If you are considering cosmetic treatments to feel more comfortable at social events… Read More

Which Facial Areas Does Botox Target?

Botox  is a skin-smoothing solution to temporarily correct expression lines and wrinkles in multiple facial areas. It is the most frequently performed cosmetic procedure worldwide, with millions of injections administered over the past two decades. Botox works by temporarily blocking the nerve signals that allow specific facial muscles to contract. While it’s in effect –… Read More

Should I Have Dermal Filler Injections Before a Facelift or Neck Lift?

Dermal fillers have become a staple in aesthetic medicine because of their convenience for women and men on the go. It’s a quick, virtually painless procedure with no anesthesia, stitches, or downtime. Today, there are several types of dermal fillers to address various aging issues. For example, hyaluronic acid-based fillers like Juvéderm and Volbella can… Read More

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