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Breast Implant Exchange in Jupiter & Palm Beach

Do you think your implants need to be replaced? Did you hear that breast implants need to be exchanged every ten years? If you are asking these questions, you are not alone. Like all medical devices, implants are not permanent. They are subjected to wear and tear. There are several reasons patients choose to replace their breast implants, including changing the size or shape or upgrading to a more resilient device.

Harvard-trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Cooper, can discuss breast implant exchange with you if you think it is time for a replacement. Patients in Palm Beach regularly turn to him for consultation for breast surgery and other aesthetic improvements by scheduling an initial appointment to learn if this procedure is right for them.

If you are considering breast implant exchange in Jupiter or Palm Beach, request a consultation with Dr. Cooper today.

Why Should You Consider Breast Implant Exchange?

Any consideration for breast enhancement is personal. Some individuals will want to improve their breasts’ appearance because changes to their bodies may affect how their implants look. Various life events like having children or hormonal changes may leave them feeling uncomfortable with the way their breasts appear. Others may have a ruptured implant or lifestyle changes that make a replacement necessary. Whatever your reasons for considering implant exchange, Dr. Cooper and his staff are ready to help.

His extensive training in current breast surgery protocols means that he uses the most advanced techniques, and he has helped many patients in the Jupiter and Palm Beach areas find the right solution for their situation. Common reasons we hear for implant exchange include:

All medical devices are subject to age and wear over time. The structural integrity of implants decreases the longer they are in use, especially with older, outdated implants. Ruptures and leaks are a possible risk with either silicone or saline implants. These issues may not only affect your body contours but can become a medical concern if left untreated.

Implant options have become much more varied and widely improved since the first breast enhancement surgery. Innovations over the past decade have opened doors for many patients, allowing for beautiful and more natural-looking outcomes. Women who have older gel implants that may be prone to rupture can exchange them for safer and more reliable implants that look and feel natural.

As a woman ages, the way her implants affect her figure can change. If a woman gets pregnant or has significant weight fluctuations, her implants may not fit her body as they once did. Breast implant exchange can provide an opportunity to enjoy an update that recreates balance with the rest of the body.

The way women live can change over the years. Bigger breasts may have been the best choice for a woman when she was younger, but now she may enjoy a downsize as she ages and wants a more natural look. Many women who have committed to a fit lifestyle also find that larger implants may interfere with or become uncomfortable during some activities.  In these cases, smaller implants can better fit an active life.

If a woman develops complications from her implants like capsular contracture or anaplastic large cell lymphoma, breast implant exchange may be necessary for health concerns. Patients who deal with capsular contracture may require a complete capsulectomy and breast implant exchange to reduce scar tissue. In women who develop large cell lymphoma, implant removal is necessary to ensure successful treatment and recovery.

Women who have thin breast skin may need implant replacement to resolve the wrinkled implant edges known as rippling. These implant changes become visible through the skin and cause a less than perfect appearance. With a breast implant exchange, the patient can address this issue while enjoying the size she prefers.

Life events like aging and breastfeeding can have an impact on breast appearance, and sometimes cause one breast to become larger than the other. Breast implant exchange helps restore breast fullness and balance, delivering breast symmetry to the patient’s figure.

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Breast Implant Exchange Considerations

The implant exchange process can be more complicated than traditional breast augmentation for multiple reasons. Your surgeon must consider skin tone and elasticity, the implant capsule, the nipple position, and the condition of your existing implants. Dr. Cooper will tailor your breast implant exchange surgery to your unique anatomy and situation. Learn more about Dr. Cooper’s techniques by hovering over each box:

Simple Implant Exchange

If the size is the only issue, Dr. Cooper will trace the initial scar line with his incision. He will then remove the old implant and replace it with the implant you chose to replace it. For a smaller implant, he may remove or change the implant capsules. Then he sterilizes the implant cavity, places the new implant, and closes with sutures.

Implant Exchange with a Breast Lift

When implant and breast position has settled downward with nipples going south, Dr. Cooper may suggest a breast lift to add to your implant exchange. This combination of procedures will remove excess skin and tissue and reposition the nipple to an optimal height, leaving the breasts perky and with a sensual upward curve.


Your recovery from implant exchange is much like your recovery from your initial breast augmentation. Allow for at least a week to stay home and heal, avoid strenuous activity for at least three weeks, and wear your compression garment night and day to support implants and incisions.

Dr. Cooper will provide detailed after surgery care instructions to ensure you heal with outstanding results. 

To begin the process, simply contact Dr. Cooper to schedule a consultation today.

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Why Dr. Jason Cooper?

Dr. Jason Cooper is a well established, highly experienced, American Board of Plastic Surgery Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience and expertise in the areas of Plastic Surgery to the Face & Breast. Dr. Cooper’s Facelift and Necklift surgery volume is consistently in the top 1% of all Plastic Surgeons in the United States. His detail and results oriented philosophy and natural aesthetic leads to surgical outcomes that are natural, predictable and safe. In addition to his extensive training in the Harvard Plastic Surgery program, Dr. Cooper is consistently on the cutting edge and incorporates best practices and the newest techniques being developed in Plastic Surgery around the world.

Dr. Cooper has a practice philosophy developed from his nearly 20 years of experience which centers around highly selective patient qualification and an individualized and detail oriented surgical plan and process with the goal of the best outcomes and patient experience possible. Dr. Cooper limits the number of patients he will operate on in one day and is highly regimented in his lifestyle in order to ensure that he is always at his best for his patients.

Dr. Cooper is a Stuart, Florida native and attended the University of Miami School and Medicine and then went onto the Combined Harvard Plastic Surgery Residency Program, one of the most prestigious programs in the country. Dr. Cooper then grew a successful practice at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Dr. Cooper has spoken nationally and internationally on such topics as anesthesia during face lifting, and laser techniques.

After 10 years in Boston, Dr. Cooper returned to South Florida in 2014 and established his practice with a private AAAASF Certified Surgical Center in Jupiter, FL and a second office location in Palm Beach, FL. Since the inception of Jason Cooper MD Plastic Surgery he has become known nationally for several cosmetic surgery procedures including facelifteyelid surgery, and cosmetic breast surgery.

Dr. Cooper reside in North Palm Beach, Florida with his wife and two daughters and also spends time in his home in Park City, Utah.  Dr. Cooper enjoys spending time with his family while alpine skiing, skinning, mountain biking, and hiking.

Learn more about why South Florida women and men looking for plastic surgeons in the Palm Beach Gardens area choose Dr. Cooper’s Jupiter, FL practice. Request a consultation online to meet with Dr. Cooper, or call our office at (561) 406-6574 to schedule an appointment.

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