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Fat Transfer in Palm Beach, Florida

If you are looking to reverse signs of aging or add volume, but do not want to undergo a facelift or use temporary fillers, facial fat grafting may be an alternative for you. Facial fat grafting can be used as a more permanent solution that does not get metabolized by the body over time. Filling in wrinkles and adding volume to other areas of the face can give a more youthful and symmetrical appearance.

At our practice, we offer facial fat transfer as a solution for:

How Does It Work?

Fat grafting is completed using excess fat that already exists on the body. The beauty of this procedure is that the fat can be taken from a place that you would like to reduce the amount of fat on and use it elsewhere without the worry of an adverse reaction. Once harvested, the fat is added to the areas just like an injectable filler would be. In addition to the method, the fat also acts in a similar way to how a hyaluronic based filler would add volume to the skin.

Is Facial Fat Grafting Right for You?

Facial fat grafting is mainly intended for the addition of volume or filling in static lines and folds. Static lines and folds are lines that form as a result of the aging process and are not controlled by the movement of a muscle. Muscles on the forehead and brow are the type that can be formed by the movement of the facial muscles and are subsequently treated differently. If you have lines or depressions that are formed as and cannot be treated by or are beyond the treatment of neuromodulators (Botox®).

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What to Expect from Your Appointment

Before the fat can be added to the area of choice, the fat must be harvested from the part of the body that is holding excess fat. The fat is harvested from the body using a small incision and a local anesthetic. Once an adequate amount has been removed to accomplish the task, the fat is then liposuctioned out and purified. The fat is purified and prepped to be used in small syringes to help the process go as smoothly as possible. The area that you would like to add the processed fat to be injected into is then sterilized and prepped. Once ready, the fat is injected just like a filler would be placed.

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Fat Grafting vs. Fillers

While injectable fillers are both safe and effective, fat grafting is able to produce results that last much longer. Fat grafting has been shown to last up to 10 years in some patients. While the procedure may more expensive up front, fat grafting can be more economical depending on how much volume the patient desires and due to the fact that a touch up isn’t necessary near as frequently as hyaluronic acid fillers.

Can This Be Done While Awake?

Many patients are curious about whether or not the procedure can be done without full anesthesia. The best answer to this is that Dr. Cooper evaluates each case to determine whether it can be done awake or under IV Sedation, also known as “twilight”.

Fat Transfer Benefits

There is a reason Dr. Jason Cooper is regarded as one of South Florida’s premier plastic surgeons; the consistently beautiful results that only a specialist with his experience and training can get.

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