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Facial Plastic Surgery in Jupiter & Palm Beach, FL

The face is the center point of beauty. Facial plastic surgery is a critical component of cosmetic medicine because it corrects the various flaws that affect our facial appearance. How we look has an impact on how we feel and how others perceive us. While some seek improvement of age-related issues like volume loss, wrinkles, and fine lines, others seek help with imperfections associated with their skin’s health. Harvard-trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Cooper helps his patients realize their finest facial appearances through an open line of communication, and a life dedicated to helping people look their best.

If you need help looking your best through facial plastic surgery in Jupiter or Palm Beach, request a consultation with Dr. Cooper today.


When correction is necessary, but surgery is not an option, our non-surgical facial enhancements provide quick results with little or no downtime. Treatments include laser skin resurfacing, IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments, dermal fillers, Botox and microneedling. Our patients are in the best of hands, as Dr. Cooper performs all non-surgical treatments himself.

Why Facial Plastic Surgery?

Facial plastic surgery is an essential part of aethetics. This medical practice involves correcting areas of the face and includes cosmetic and reconstructive improvement. Cosmetic facial plastic surgery enhances the visible appearance of facial features and structures. These corrections include the entire face. Board-certified plastic surgeons have the most extensive training and experience, along with the highest ethical standards, to be the best choice when considering a surgeon for facial aesthetics. 

The most comprehensive surgical correction to reverse the effects of an aging face from the cheeks to the neck is a facelift. Patients who want to appear younger with smoother skin texture, free of voids or hollows, are perfect candidates. Dr. Cooper helps the discriminant patient achieve a more youthful, alert version of themselves.  

We have patients who wish to address the early signs of aging but don’t necessarily need a traditional, full facelift. A mini facelift restores facial beauty with a shorter incision, which reduces recovery and risk. South Florida patients have come to trust Dr. Cooper and his artistic skill to deliver optimal results.

A well-defined neck frames the face without distraction. Replacing sagging skin or a double chin with a slender, sleek neck contour will enhance your beautiful face. This is often done concurrently with a facelift to improve total balance and youthfulness.  

Rhinoplasty is an operation that corrects a misshapen or crooked nose. The nose is the center of the face and draws a great deal of attention. By adjusting nose contour, other facial features like the eyes, cheeks, and chin, can look better as the entire face comes into balance. Rhinoplasty is also the most complex of all facial surgeries and requires the delicate hand of a skilled plastic surgeon.

Eyelid surgery replaces volume, removes excess skin and wrinkles to revive a vibrant facial appearance by taking years off your looks. Results include diminishing undereye circles and drooping eyelids to restore a younger, fresher, and more alert appearance. 

Replacing facial volume without synthetic fillers for long-lasting results may involve taking unwanted fat cells from one area to place in facial areas that need help. Transporting this living tissue provides a natural result because it uses indigenous fat cells.

What You Can Expect

Surgery is an important decision that requires you to understand what to expect and what is expected of you. Specific preparations are necessary, such as quitting smoking and abstaining from certain medications and supplements.

All facial plastic surgeries are done as outpatient procedures with IV sedation. Rarely is an overnight stay in a hospital necessary. You will be given detailed instructions before surgery for how to reduce risk, help recovery, and protect your incisions.

We will remove your sutures within 6-8 days and may give you additional instructions at this time. Dr. Cooper will explain any diet restrictions during your consultation and when you can resume exercise or strenuous activities. Most patients feel comfortable returning to work two weeks after surgery, when swelling and bruising have substantially subsided.

Questions to Ask During Your Consultation

  • Are there any other treatments I can choose?
  • What if I choose to do nothing?
  • What is your experience as a surgeon? How often have you performed this procedure?
  • What should I do before surgery to help make the procedure safe and successful?
  • How long will the procedure take?
  • How long will my recovery be?
  • What medications can I take before the surgery? What should I avoid?
  • When can I return to my normal lifestyle?
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Why Dr. Jason Cooper?

Dr. Jason S. Cooper is a Harvard trained, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in practice in Jupiter, Fl. Dr. Cooper graduated from medical school at the University of Miami in 2004 with AOA honors and went on to the Harvard six year combined plastic surgery residency program. After completing his residency at Harvard in 2010, Dr. Cooper held an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School and was on staff as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital for more than 4 years.

Dr. Cooper consistently achieves outstanding patient satisfaction for both his surgical results and the personalized, patient-focused experience that his practice has carefully developed. Dr. Cooper has office locations in Jupiter, FL and in Palm Beach, Fl. Dr. Cooper is also on staff at Jupiter Medical Center.

If you are looking to improve facial appearance safely and in a stress-free environment, contact us to schedule a consultation in Jupiter or Palm Beach.

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