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Too Old for Plastic Surgery?

Do you ever wonder if you’re too old for this or that? As the years pass, we tend to think in terms of age appropriateness—things like hairstyles, what we wear, and what we eat. While our tastes can change with age, we never outgrow the desire to look our best. And when we reach a… Read More

What Does a Mommy Makeover Include?

Mommy Makeovers – Get the Facts From Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Jason Cooper, M.D. Pregnancy brings happiness and joy, but it also causes dramatic body changes like sagging skin and stretch marks. Being a parent is the most challenging, yet beautiful and rewarding work you do, but still, pregnancy and childbirth aren’t quite nice to… Read More

Can You Have a Neck Lift Without a Face Lift?

Yes, a neck lift can be done without a face lift.  Confusion and disagreement about these facial enhancement procedures are common and related to different surgical technique and terminology.  Every person has a unique face and neck. Why? Because skin texture, sun damage, skin elasticity,  bone structure, fat compartments, neck diameter and neck length all… Read More