What is Breast Implant Exchange?

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure to date, which means that women across the country are benefitting from the procedure. However, there is a lot that people don’t know about breast implants. While they can last for a very long time, many people don’t know that they are not meant to be life-long devices. This means that, sooner or later, you will need to have your breast implants replaced. Read on to learn more about breast implant exchange, and when it would be necessary.

When Would You Need to Exchange Implants?

There are a few reasons why a woman would need to have her breast implants exchanged. Sometimes, breast implants may rupture, or rippling may occur. Other times, a woman may simply wish to change the size or material of her implants. Whatever the reason, breast implant exchange is a safe and common procedure that can get you back to feeling confident in no time!

What to Expect from a Breast Implant Exchange

The breast implant exchange procedure is fairly straightforward. The first step is to create an incision in order to remove the current breast implant. In most cases, Dr. Cooper will use the original incision from your breast augmentation. Then, the damaged or old implant will be removed, and a new implant will be placed. The entire procedure takes about 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity of the exchange.

One benefit of a breast implant exchange is that the recovery is often easier than that of your initial breast augmentation. Plus, you will be able to enjoy your new implants for a confident you!

Contact Us Today

If you are in need of an implant exchange or believe you might be experiencing a ruptured implant, contact our office today. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have, as well as schedule your implant exchange consultation with Dr. Cooper. Also, check out our Breast Implant Exchange page for more information.

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Breast Augmentation Types – Customizing your Procedure

Summer is just around the corner, which means spending more time having fun in the sun. However, if you are not looking forward to bathing suit season due to your small breasts, you may want to look into breast augmentation. Not only is it the number one most popular plastic surgery procedure done to date, it can help to create larger, more proportionate breasts for a boost in confidence. Patients also have a number of choices they can make to customize their procedure for desired results.

Implant Type

There are a number of breast implant types available today, including silicone, saline and form stable.

Silicone implants are made of a silicone shell filled with a silicone gel and feel similar to natural breast tissue. Saline implants are made of a silicone shell filled with a saline solution and are often firmer. Form stable implants are similar to silicone implants, only they are made of a thicker silicone gel, so they hold their shape better. The type of implant that is used will depend on many factors, including your overall results.

Incision Type

There are also a number of incision types that can be chosen for your breast augmentation. These include the inframammary (created in the breast crease), the periareolar (created around the areola), and the transaxillary (created in the armpit) incisions. The location of your incision will depend on your individual anatomy, your preference for scar location, and Dr. Cooper’s suggestions.

Implant Placement

During a breast augmentation, the breast implant can be placed under or over the chest muscle. Dr. Cooper prefers a dual-plane sub pectoral approach, in which the upper part of the implant is behind the chest muscle, while the lower portion is above it. This creates a more natural breast shape and minimizes rippling.

As you can see, there are many ways to customize your breast augmentation procedure to fit your individual needs. If you are located in the Jupiter, FL area and are interested in breast augmentation, contact our office today at 561-406-6574 to schedule a consultation.

Two Ways To Restore Your Breasts After Childbirth

Starting a family is one of the most beautiful things in life, but with children come physical stresses on the body that can change more than you bargained for concerning the breasts.

Pregnancy alters the female body so that it can stretch and form to a developing baby; the womb provides protection and nutrients to the fetus, and that requires some changes to happen.

The first set of changes occurs deep within the uterus, as the walls prepare for the fertilized egg followed by weight gain to insulate the baby and to provide added stores of nutrients since children absorb lots of energy from the mother at this time.

Pregnancy Alters the Breasts

During pregnancy, the breasts swell as they fill with milk to feed the child and while the breasts swell, the skin that encapsulates them stretches too. Breasts look full and round during pregnancy but afterward is when we notice the changes as they shrink down to their pre-baby volume within the excess skin. This excess skin causes the breasts to sag and point downward, but here are two ways to restore your breasts after childbirth at our practice, and we want to share them with you:

• Breast Augmentation

Our clients at our practice come to us with concerns about the overall shape and size of the breasts since many times they are not what they used to be before a baby came along. Breast augmentation is one of two ways you can restore your breasts completely. During this procedure, the breasts can be modified by adding fat from liposuction in other areas of the body, or redistributing the fat already present in the breasts that may be unevenly distributed throughout the breast.

Once the fat is redistributed, or new fat is added to reshape the fullness of the breast, you can further add breast implants to add significant volume and change the shape of the breasts. The breast skin will then be cut to slim down any excess skin. Should you require an additional position change to point the areola nipple complex upward, or wish to raise the total position of the breasts, a breast lift is needed.

• Breast Lift

Breast augmentation does not lift the breasts, but it will reshape them and may offer added volume should you decide to add implants. During the breast lift procedure, the breasts are lifted to an entirely new position. As you reposition the breasts in a natural way, we can reposition the nipples to point upward slightly should they point downward and cause the breasts to look lower than they are. Repositioning of the nipple and lifting the breasts is the best way to address skin and ligament laxity as the breasts themselves do not have muscle tissue within them and the ligaments are the only support from the chest wall.

During the breast lift procedure at our practice, the breasts can be completely restored to a new youthful position that can change the way you look, feel in your clothing and your overall confidence. Adding a breast lift to your breast augmentation procedure is often recommended if your breasts show significant sagging over time.

Call us at (561)406-6574 to schedule your breast augmentation and breast lift consultation to see if these procedures would benefit your post-baby body. Take control of your body and bring your breasts to a new level with lift and augmentation today.

Beach Body Essentials

The summer months last a little longer here in Florida and that means the sun and beach are here to stay! Taking a moment to look in the mirror while you try on your latest swimsuit may not have you looking forward to the extended season. That doesn’t mean you haven’t been working hard to get your body in bathing suit shape, but some parts of the body take time to see results! We offer our clients at our practice these beach-body essentials:


You think that you’ve dieted and exercised until you’re blue in the face, but nothing is working to help get rid of those last diet resistant pounds. There are options, and at our practice we offer our clients liposuction to trim the final layers of unwanted fat. If you’re looking to get rid of stubborn fat cells from areas such as the thighs, under the arms, in the abdominal area and under the chin, liposuction is the way to go. Not only are we removing these fat cells permanently from the body, but liposuction allows us to contour these areas to enhance your natural features.

Breast Augmentation

For our female clients, we offer breast augmentations to help reduce sagging and loose skin. After childbirth, breastfeeding and years of weight loss and gain, the breasts have a tendency to lose their youthful appearance and shape. Breast augmentation can reshape the breasts and the nipple areola complex, increase the size with implants and raise their position with a breast lift combination. At our practice, we’re interested in bringing about the most natural results so that your breasts look and feel great.

We notice and instant confidence boost in our clients, and they feel beautiful in their clothes since your new breasts will fill out your swimsuits and tops much better than they did before augmentation. The best part of this procedure is that you can return to work and normal activity after just 45 days of recovery time.

Tummy Tuck

We know you are ready to show off your body in that swimsuit you’ve been eyeing, but your tummy needs a quick fix. Our tummy tuck procedure will help flatten out the tummy and con-tours the fatty layers beneath so you can see immediate results. This tummy tuck procedure is for all of our male and female patients that want to restore their once flat and youthful tummy. The abdominal area is a concern for many, if not all of our patients. But when you’ve been working hard to get rid of those last few pounds are left with sagging skin, this may be your best option with a small amount of recovery time.

Beach body essentials are available at our practice, call today to schedule your consultation for one or more of these procedures with Dr. Jason Cooper at (561) 406-6574.

The Top 3 Procedures for Your 40’s

We know what you’re thinking already, please, oh please, do not mention that number to me. In our 30’s, we all thought that this was our prime time to enjoy all the fruits of our labor in our twenties, but this is just too much. At our practice, we say forget about your thirties as your prime years and think the best of your forties! As your dive into flirty forty, you’re ready to take on the world, but there are just a few things you should consider to keep any signs of aging far from visible. Thankfully we have a cheat sheet of the top 3 procedures for your 40’s to help get you back into the best cosmetic shape or your life.

1. Breast Lift

Depending on what you’ve experienced in your life with multiple pregnancies and fluctuations in weight, your breasts have likely been affected. The positioning of the breasts starts to get lower and lower naturally as the ligaments supporting the breasts yields to years of stress and added weight from milk production, breastfeeding, and weight gain. It’s only natural for the breasts to sag slightly since there virtually isn’t any muscle within them, simply glands, fatty tissues, lymph nodes and supporting ligaments.

A breast lift procedure will help to reposition the level of the breasts from a lowered, sagging position to a raised and lifted look. We often tell our clients to take the pencil test to see how if they’re a candidate for breast lift. Place a pencil in the fold of your breast and see if it holds; if it stays in place, chances are your girls need a raise. It’s important to know that the breast lift will not enhance the size of your breasts, only promote them to a higher position. If your nipples are pointing downward, it can make your breasts start to look sad, and no one wants that. Take that gravity!

2. Mini Facelift

Full facelift procedures just aren’t for everyone. At this point in your life, you may only need a little lift, and that’s just what the mini facelift can do for you. The mini facelift can help correct mild sagging to correct wrinkles, fine lines and remove any excess skin from weight loss and hormonal changes. Not only are the incisions done within this procedure smaller and less noticeable after the healing process, but the recovery time is next to none compared to full facelift procedures.

If you’re looking to shave off a few years and maintain that youthful, gorgeous skin of yours, then think about this mini lift to revitalize the look of your skin to put your best face forward. The mini-facelift also nips minor neck sagging in the bud. Don’t let the beginnings of a turkey neck stop you from taking over the world. Get rid of jowls and Marionette lines too with this procedure at our practice.

3. Tummy Tuck

As we age many of us develop midsection cushion to help make the impact of maturity easier, but the added tummy fatty deposits only make it worse. The core of your body relays your health and inner strength. A tummy tuck procedure will help you restore your pre-baby body and boost your confidence as you work on your midsection. For those of our clients that have been through any major weight loss of 50 pounds or more and have kept it off, we know some areas of excess skin could use a snip. Get rid of stubborn body fat and the excess skin with this procedure. It will change the way you feel in your skinny jeans! And yes, you can still wear those.

Enjoy your forties and every year after that with these body correcting cosmetic surgery procedures at our practice; we’ve got you covered. Celebrate with a new you by calling us at 561-406-6574 or filling out a contact form today.