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Signs You’re Ready for Breast Reduction Surgery

Considering a breast reduction? Having the operation can be one of the more rewarding decisions you can make. There are multiple benefits to fixing overly large breasts. A Harvard-trained plastic surgeon can help you enjoy all these.

Here are some signs indicating you are ready for a breast reduction.

Your Breasts Have Finished Growing

If your breasts matured early, it’s best to wait until you are a legal adult to have a reduction surgery. Your body may still be changing throughout the teen years, and that includes your breasts. Once your body and breasts are fully mature, it’s safe to move forward with the surgery.

You Struggle With Neck and Back Pain

Large breasts can cause a significant amount of physical discomfort. Your upper body’s excess weight puts too much strain on the back and neck. Reducing this weight will improve body contours and help you look forward to waking up each morning without having to endure unnecessary pain.

Your Experience Headaches

Neck and back discomfort aren’t the only aches and pains well-endowed women experience. You may also endure migraines and headaches caused by the strain your breasts put on your muscles.

You Have Low Self-Esteem and Confidence

When a woman is not comfortable with her body, it can lead to low confidence and self-esteem. These adverse effects relate to undue attention and judgment associated with having overly large breasts. Women with heavy, oversized breasts can also have a more limited range of clothing choices, selecting baggy tops for comfort instead of style.

Daily Chores Are More Challenging

Bending and reaching become a strain when there’s excess breast tissue for the body to support. Physical activity can become painful, leading many women to avoid exercise. When you have smaller breasts, it’s easier to find well-fitting sports bras that reduce discomfort with strenuous activities. A breast reduction could inspire you to start exercising more regularly and renew your enthusiasm for pursuing fitness goals.

Shopping Becomes Challenging

Finding properly fitting clothes can be an uphill battle for people with body asymmetry. Off-the-rack shirts may be too tight throughout your chest and too loose in other areas. And finding a comfortable bra can take all day. Once you bring your body back into balance, shopping will become fun again. You can choose cute, flattering fashions instead of solely practical options.

Your Breasts Sag

When your breasts are too large, they almost always sag, especially after aging or childbirth. A breast reduction is similar in technique to a breast lift, which will remove excess tissue and give you a more youthful breast position. This surgery will leave your breasts perkier and sexier, with or without clothes.

You Are at An Ideal Weight

Before undergoing surgery, it’s best to be at or near your target body weight. This is because your surgical results may be compromised, and the risk of complications increases if you are overweight. While not a standard, it’s often recommended that patients keep their body mass index (BMI) under 30 for the best results.

Are You Ready for a Breast Reduction?

If you are considering a breast reduction and would like more information about how this surgery can help you achieve your cosmetic goals and feel great about yourself, book your consultation with Harvard-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Cooper today.

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