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Two Ways To Restore Your Breasts After Childbirth

Starting a family is one of the most beautiful things in life, but with children come physical stresses on the body that can change more than you bargained for concerning the breasts.

Pregnancy alters the female body so that it can stretch and form to a developing baby; the womb provides protection and nutrients to the fetus, and that requires some changes to happen.

The first set of changes occurs deep within the uterus, as the walls prepare for the fertilized egg followed by weight gain to insulate the baby and to provide added stores of nutrients since children absorb lots of energy from the mother at this time.

Pregnancy Alters the Breasts

During pregnancy, the breasts swell as they fill with milk to feed the child and while the breasts swell, the skin that encapsulates them stretches too. Breasts look full and round during pregnancy but afterward is when we notice the changes as they shrink down to their pre-baby volume within the excess skin. This excess skin causes the breasts to sag and point downward, but here are two ways to restore your breasts after childbirth at our practice, and we want to share them with you:

• Breast Augmentation

Our clients at our practice come to us with concerns about the overall shape and size of the breasts since many times they are not what they used to be before a baby came along. Breast augmentation is one of two ways you can restore your breasts completely. During this procedure, the breasts can be modified by adding fat from liposuction in other areas of the body, or redistributing the fat already present in the breasts that may be unevenly distributed throughout the breast.

Once the fat is redistributed, or new fat is added to reshape the fullness of the breast, you can further add breast implants to add significant volume and change the shape of the breasts. The breast skin will then be cut to slim down any excess skin. Should you require an additional position change to point the areola nipple complex upward, or wish to raise the total position of the breasts, a breast lift is needed.

• Breast Lift

Breast augmentation does not lift the breasts, but it will reshape them and may offer added volume should you decide to add implants. During the breast lift procedure, the breasts are lifted to an entirely new position. As you reposition the breasts in a natural way, we can reposition the nipples to point upward slightly should they point downward and cause the breasts to look lower than they are. Repositioning of the nipple and lifting the breasts is the best way to address skin and ligament laxity as the breasts themselves do not have muscle tissue within them and the ligaments are the only support from the chest wall.

During the breast lift procedure at our practice, the breasts can be completely restored to a new youthful position that can change the way you look, feel in your clothing and your overall confidence. Adding a breast lift to your breast augmentation procedure is often recommended if your breasts show significant sagging over time.

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