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Lumenis UltraPulse for Skin Resurfacing

Laser technology to help change the surface of the skin without painful surgeries is at its best ever this season and at our practice, we want to bring our clients the most effective, comfortable and quick treatments on the market. We’re introducing the latest in laser treatment technology to resurface completely facial skin cells that suffer from the effects of premature aging caused by the sun, scarring and other free radicals. Our clients can now see the best side of their skin with fractional and full facial resurfacing treatments using the UltraPulse CO2 laser by Lumenis.

Who is a good candidate for treatment with UltraPulse?

Skin lesions, wrinkles, fine lines and birthmarks are more prominent in certain skin types, and microdermabrasions just won’t do to remove pigmentation or color changes that come with these skin conditions. For those clients that have significant variations in the skin due to discoloration from years of damage, this dual CO2 laser technology can travel deep through the most affected layers of the skin. Those with severe scarring from burns and surgeries can benefit greatly from this procedure as well since it reduces their appearance.

UltraPulse Skin Resurfacing Addresses:

• Fine lines

• Deep wrinkles

• Pigmentation

• Acne scarring

• Surgical scarring

• Birthmarks

• Crow’s feet

• Nasolabial lines

• Forehead lines

• Brow lines

• Jowls

• Marionette lines

• Age spots

• Uneven skin texture

Not only will this new laser resurfacing technology retexture the skin to reduce the signs of aging, but the treatment will help to tighten the skin for a more youthful appearance. At our practice we recommend the UltraPulse laser for clients that have undergone facelift and breast lift procedures to reduce any significant scarring. Any fine lines and spotting that could occur after these procedures have been performed can be removed with the CO2 ablative laser.

Unlike other laser treatments that typically range from 600-1800nm energy wavelengths, UltraPulse targets skin at 10,800nm that is optimal for the deepest layers of the skin.

Recovery and Fractional or Full Resurfacing Treatments

Our clients should expect a week of recovery after treatment so that the skin has time to heal completely. This laser resurfacing treatment is unlike any other in its class, since this laser dives to the deepest layers of the skin that are responsible for these changes without causing damage to all other areas surrounding the specific point of treatment. As soon as the laser is applied to the skin, only the specific target is treated with low energy, so no other cells are damaged. When healthy tissues are allowed to grow around damaged tissues, healing can radiate from these cells.

During your consultation at our practice, your physician will work with you to devise a treatment plan to address small area treatment using the fractional application or scattered application of the laser; you can also opt to treat the full face, neck, and décolletage area. If you’re interested in learning more about our single treatment laser resurfacing with UltraPulse at our practice, contact us for your consultation today at (561) 406-6574.

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