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Face and Neck Lift Technique in Jupiter, FL

Welcome to the world of aesthetic rejuvenation in Jupiter, FL, where advancements in facial enhancement procedures have enabled a more youthful appearance with natural, long lasting results. Among these revolutionary procedures, the SMAS face and neck lift is a cutting-edge technique that combines traditional facelift benefits with natural-looking results.

This advanced cosmetic procedure addresses signs of aging in the lower face and neck region. With age, the effects of gravity, sun exposure, and lifestyle choices can lead to sagging skin, deepening wrinkles, and loss of facial volume. The SMAS lift technique targets the underlying muscle and tissue layers, providing a comprehensive, long-lasting solution.

What Is SMAS?

The layer beneath the skin in the cheek areas is the superficial musculoaponeurotic system. Below the jawline, the layer attached to the SMAS is the platysma muscle. SMAS tightening improves the jowl, jawline, and mouth area by elevating underlying cheek tissues in a vertical and lateral orientation. You can get a good idea of how this works by lifting your cheek tissues with your fingers in the mirror. 

Dr. Jason Cooper repositions the SMAS layer to address the effects of aging, such as sagging jowls, deep nasolabial folds, and loose neck skin. By lifting and tightening the SMAS, Dr. Cooper can create a more youthful appearance and improve facial contours.

Dr. Cooper’s SMAS Face and Neck Lift Process

The SMAS face and neck lift technique improves on traditional methods in several ways. Though modern face and neck lifting procedures separate the skin from its underlying tissues and tighten the deep layer of tissue beneath the skin, the degree of separation of the skin, SMAS, and platysma relative to one another and the manner and orientation of tightening differs among surgeons.

Incision Placement

Dr. Cooper will strategically plan the incision placement to achieve optimal results while minimizing visible scarring. Typically, he makes incisions along the curve of the tragus, the bony structure in the front of each ear  ear, around the earlobes and along the backs of the ears. Also, a skin incision within and under the chin crease provides central access to tighten the platysma muscle. For patients with prominent neck banding, he may also divide the platysma.

Tissue Repositioning and Tightening

The next step involves carefully lifting and separating the SMAS layer from the underlying tissues. The SMAS is a fibrous structure beneath the skin responsible for facial expressions. Dr. Cooper can reposition this layer to restore a youthful appearance by accessing and manipulating it.

Having exposed the SMAS layer, Dr. Cooper will tighten and reposition tissues to lift and support the facial structures. This resuspension addresses sagging jowls, deep nasolabial folds, and marionette lines, providing a more defined jawline and a smoother facial contour.

Excess Tissue Removal

If necessary, Dr. Cooper will remove any excess skin and fat to further enhance the results and create a natural, harmonious outcome. This step reduces sagging and creates a more youthful appearance.


After completing the desired adjustments, Dr. Cooper meticulously closes the incisions with sutures.. The precise closure ensures minimal scarring and optimal wound healing.

Look Your Best at Any Age

The SMAS face and neck lift has gained popularity for its ability to turn back the clock, restoring a more youthful and refreshed look. Whether you’re seeking to reverse the signs of aging or enhance your natural beauty, this advanced technique offers a customized approach to meet your unique goals and desires. Discover the transformative power of the SMAS face and neck lift in Jupiter, FL, and embark on a journey to rejuvenate your appearance and boost your confidence like never before by scheduling a consultation with Harvard-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Cooper.

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