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How is a Neck Lift Performed

As we age, our bodies will change in different ways. One area that commonly shows some of the first signs of getting older is the neck. Genetic disposition, less collagen production, gravity, and the effects of the sun cause the skin of the neck to droop and sag. Often referred to as “turkey waddle,” it can wreak havoc on one’s confidence, and for some can even cause physical discomfort.

Fortunately, for men and women in South Florida, Harvard-trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Cooper can address these cosmetic concerns with a neck lift. The operation is similar to a facelift but focuses on the jawline and unsightly neckbands. The results will perfectly frame your face, and it will allow you to discard those scarfs and turtlenecks in this warm and humid climate.

The Neck Lift Procedure

As with many cosmetic operations, a neck lift is not a cookie-cutter procedure. It must be customized due to the unique neck anatomy of each patient and their desired results. The goal of the surgery is to leave the patient with a smooth, sleek neckline that enhances an attractive face.

There are two main techniques Dr. Cooper employs to resolve neck issues. One is known as a cervicoplasty. This option involves the removal of excess skin from the neck. It is perfect for patients who have loose neck skin that sags. A cervicoplasty is performed under a general anesthetic but requires only a small incision. Dr. Cooper chooses placement of the incision to ensure that it will be discreetly hidden to camouflage any scarring that may occur.

Another option is known as platysmaplasty. This method resolves neck banding by realigning and tightening the neck muscles. Platysmaplasty addresses the platysma muscles that, when tightened, can enhance and define the jawline. When these muscles become weaker and lax, the patient may deal with fatty jowls, vertical neck bands, or a double chin.

Dr. Cooper will determine which technique is best suited for your neck concerns. He will customize his surgical plan that will involve one or more of the following corrections:

  • Tighten neck muscles
  • Skin tightening
  • Excess skin removal
  • Removing fat with liposuction
  • Removing fat with direct fat excision

It is common in aesthetic medicine for patients to combine cosmetic procedures to enhance their results. Surgical and non-surgical treatments that are often done concurrently with a neck lift include a facelift, mini-facelift, fat transfer, and eyelid surgery.

Learn why women and men from South Florida and beyond seek out Dr. Cooper for neck lift surgery. Request a consultation online or call our office at 561-406-6574 to schedule an appointment.