Benefits of Facial Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel is a treatment that improves the skin’s appearance by removing damaged outer layers of skin. It involves application of toxic chemical solutions to the face in a controlled manner. The new skin is less wrinkled and smoother than the old skin.

Chemical Peel has a bad reputation in the aesthetic industry. However, just like any other skincare treatment, this one also has its pros and cons. However, when done by professionals, the benefits outweigh the risks, so if you’re planning to try this treatment, you don’t have to fear. As a matter of fact, there are many misconceptions about Facial Chemical Peel, but first, let’s find out what the benefits are.

Is a chemical peel the right choice for you?

Chemical Peel is among the least invasive ways when it comes to improving your skin’s appearance. The benefits of this treatment are:
Your skin will be fresher looking and smoother right after the treatment;

It reduces scars, pigmentation, enlarged pores, acne, uneven skin tone, and signs of sun damage;
It also reduces fine lines around the mouth and under the eyes, as well as freckles, spots and dark patches due to pregnancy and taking birth control pills;
Improves the texture of your skin by removing damaged and dead skin cells;
It stimulates the collagen production and the growth of healthy skin cells, making your skin clearer and brighter;
It soothes discoloration and rough texture as the skin peel penetrates the skin.

After a Facial Chemical Peel, the skin is extra sensitive to the sun, so you must wear sunscreen (above SPF 30) every day that protects your skin against the UVA and UVB sun ways.

Myths about Facial Chemical Peel

Myth #1: A Chemical Peel treatment can be done at home.
– Truth: Just because a Facial Chemical Peel is available online or at your local drug store, that doesn’t mean it can be done at home by yourself. There are different steps besides applying the product, so you must leave the treatment to be done by a professional.
Myth #2: Receiving this treatment is a one-time solution.
– Truth: Performing a Chemical peel once will give your skin visible results, but it needs to be done on a consistent basis in order to receive the best outcome.
Myth #3: A Chemical Peel is only beneficial for people with problem skin.
– Truth: It goes without saying that this treatment is beneficial for everyone. Not only does it treat problem-prone skin, but it can also be preventative for possible problems that might happen in the future.
Myth #4: A Chemical Peel is bad for you
– Truth: Not all chemical are bad for your skin. The chemicals used in this treatment are formulated from professional chemists, and plus, the active acids used are actually natural.

In conclusion, don’t let the word “chemical” scare you. A Facial Chemical Peel is totally safe for your skin as long as the possible contraindications and risks are assessed before treatment.