At What Age Should You Consider Botox?

A few years ago, when Botox was still a taboo, the most common question related to this then-new procedure was “is Botox safe and effective”. Things have changed now, and since this procedure is no longer regarded as crazy and dangerous, there’s one thing we all want to know: at what age should I consider Botox?

It’s often debated whether or not we should enhance our looks with facial plastic surgery, injections, and other anti-aging solutions. Since more and more youngsters are reaching out for the needle, we want to know, how young is too young?

Well, we did a thorough research and have great news for all those twenty-somethings staring in their mirror exploring their face for new wrinkles: it’s never too early for Botox!

The practice of “preventative Botox” is fairly new – it’s an anti-aging measure where Botox is injected into areas of the face before wrinkles form. Now, some people are not prone to the idea of getting Botox in their 20s, but doctors say that preventive Botox can prevent you from requiring more invasive surgeries later (injections, fillers, and lasers). Mid and late 20s is when doctors and cosmetic plastic surgeons see candidates for subtle corrections of their facial features, while 30s is when they work with serious candidates for Botox.

Although there’s no such thing as the perfect age for Botox, early and mid 30s are the most common age groups approaching Botox or some sort of a plastic surgery.

So, it doesn’t matter how old you are; if you consistently make facial expressions that cause lines, you can eliminate those wrinkles with Botox. Getting Botox will make it impossible to scrunch your face, so it will stop wrinkles from forming. Make sure you’re getting the procedure done only from an experienced and qualified cosmetic plastic surgeon because inappropriate doses could result in complications. You doctor will advise you on the results you should expect from the procedure.