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Usher in a Refreshing New Year With a Facelift

With a New Year comes new hope, and why not new confidence with a new look with a facelift? So no matter the trials and disappointments of 2022, you can start 2023 with a striking, stunning, and beautiful new facial presence that will turn heads. Facelift surgery expertly performed by Harvard-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Jason… Read More

Caring for Your Facelift Scars

A facelift may be optimal for facial rejuvenation to reduce sagging around your chin, mouth, and nose. This surgical correction raises and tightens facial tissues to reverse the impact of aging. However, many women and men hesitate to have cosmetic surgery because they fear noticeable scarring. So, will your face display scars after facelift surgery… Read More

How You Can Protect Your Skin This Winter

“Hold on,” you might say. “We’re in Southern Florida, not Canada, Chicago, or the North Pole.” And you’re right – we don’t experience winter like those places. People come down here to escape the relentless cold and everything that comes with it, like flaky skin and cracked lips. But even though we enjoy our sunny… Read More

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