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Myth of the Mini Facelift

Even at a younger age (late 40s and 50s) patients who start to notice deflation and skin laxity in their face and neck may think they just need “a little something” or a “mini” facelift. However, just because you only have a little excess skin and deflation does not mean that a little bit of surgery will correct it. Every facelift still requires some extent of undermining and dissection in order to lift and tighten facial tissues for optimal results.

 A “Mini Facelift” Often Leads to Disappointment

A small lift or just a little dissection will produce results that aren’t as comprehensive and won’t last very long. Patients want powerful results at every age, and that requires a surgical plan that will thoroughly address the areas of concern. Patients are often disappointed with what was sold to them as a “mini” lift within a year. Often times, they were told they just needed a little skin tightening with minimal or diminished incision patterns, but this shorter version wasn’t enough. This is why a facelift which involves true undermining of the skin and fatty tissue, not just pulling of the skin, of the is a gold standard for facial rejuvenation.

At our practice, we believe in doing what’s necessary to meet your goals, not a gimmick or sales pitch of a “mini”. What we do is appropriately invasive with the goal to get maximal results. We address the areas of concern in a comprehensive way, which includes plicating muscular tissues, lifting soft tissues, dissecting the neck, and possibly also incorporating liposuction, laser, or adding fat. We aim to use all the tools available to us that will achieve the best results.

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While everyone likes to hear they don’t need much work done and that the procedure doesn’t cost much, it’s very unfortunate when your skin begins to sag back to where it was after just a year. For quality, long-lasting results, be sure to do your homework and listen to your board certified plastic surgeon’s recommendations. If you are interested in learning more about the facelift procedure in the Jupiter area, contact our practice today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cooper.

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