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Will my Incisions be visible?

In general facelift incisions heal very nicely. Techniques are used to minimize the scar as much as possible with meticulous care to placement and closing of the incision site, the result being the scar should be very hard to detect once fully healed. You can expect small incision lines that border the front and behind… Read More

Is a facelift painful?

There is minimal discomfort following a facelift. You will be prescribed medication to control any pain you may have but most patients take them for only a few days and are relatively comfortable after 4-5 days. As you begin to heal you may experience itchiness, swelling and some tightness which is completely normal and for… Read More

After a facelift will I still need injectables?

After your facelift you will have a more youthful rejuvenated appearance. A facelift will remove excess skin and add nice definition to your face and neck. If you need volume it is a good idea to add fat injections during your facelift surgery. Fat grafting into the temples, mid-face and areas around your mouth can… Read More

How long does a facelift take to recover?

There are several different types of facelifts ranging from mini to full face which can affect your healing time. The most common standard facelift takes approximately 2 weeks to get back to a relatively normal routine. During your first week you will be recovering from most of your physical healing including but not limited to… Read More

Can I have other procedures done at the same time as a facelift?

Yes, it is very common to address all areas of the face at the same time. Patients often decide to have their eyes, brows, and fat injections for overall volume in the face improved at the same time. Doing multiple procedures on the same day will not significantly lengthen your recovery time, and it will… Read More

Am I a candidate for ear lobe reduction?

Many patients are displeased with drooping ear lobes and torn ear lobes that can frequently occur with heavy earrings. Some patients are predisposed to having a very elastic ear lobe which will elongate over time. The treatment for this is typically a wedge resection of the lobe to make it smaller, more youthful and attractive… Read More