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What Are 3 Pre-Surgery Tips for Self-Care?

Many patients believe their choice of surgeon is the central factor for success in a surgical procedure. While the surgical team is vital to a safe and effective operation, your role is just as crucial. As a patient, you should be aware of what you can do to help alleviate anxiety and ensure optimal results.

Though various operations require different protocols, you should make specific preparations before undergoing any surgery. Harvard-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Cooper thoroughly advises each of his patients what steps they should take before their operation. Compliance with these instructions will ensure the best results with the least amount of risk. Here are three tips he will include with any procedure he performs.

1. Consume Protein

Getting adequate amounts of protein before surgery will help support your immune system, promote healing, and assist in maintaining muscle mass. All these benefits will help you get back on your regular routine in the shortest amount of time. Your body needs protein more than usual during times of stress, like recovering from surgery. In the weeks leading up to your procedure, you should consume two and a half to four grams of protein per pound of body weight each day.

2. Eat Plenty of Plant-Based Foods

Adding raw fruits and vegetables to your diet will help your body stave off inflammation. Look for foods high in vitamin C to help rebuild collagen, a building block of skin health. These foods include potatoes, citrus fruits, strawberries, bell peppers, and mangos.

3. Increase Physical Activity

Being sedentary will increase the risk of blood clots after surgery. Dr. Cooper recommends you increase your activity level starting a week before surgery. Walk at least 30 minutes a day or stay active with exercises like tennis, swimming, jogging, or cardio workouts. Being fit will help you bounce back more quickly after surgery.

Dr. Cooper wants your recovery to be as comfortable as possible, ending with an excellent outcome.   Following these instructions and others, you will reduce surgical risks and have the best chance of a positive experience. These three tips may also help you shed a few pounds if necessary, which will help your recovery too. 

Dr. Jason Cooper is a Harvard-trained and board-certified plastic surgeon who maintains expertise in leading breast surgery and facial rejuvenation techniques. If you would like more information about his practice and the procedures he offers, contact us or call (561) 406-6574 to schedule your personal consultation today!