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Video Blog: Jeuveau (#Newtox) vs. Botox

Most of us are familiar with Botox, which has been the standard for non-surgically smoothing wrinkles for years. A new product called Jeuveau, also known as #Newtox, recently hit the market. This direct competitor to Botox has many doctors and patients alike wondering just how the two compare.

Botox vs. Jeuveau: What’s the Difference?

Both are Botox and Jeuveau are neurotoxins that are injected into the face, paralyzing the muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles. Each product uses diluted botulinum toxin to achieve this result.

Jeuveau uses a unique purification process to prepare the botulinum, so the formula differs from that in Botox. Some patients may have better results from this new formula, while others may prefer the results they achieve with Botox.

Because Jeuveau is new, it does not have the same brand recognition and loyal use that Botox has. While both are FDA approved, Botox’s longevity on the market makes it a more familiar product to those seeking treatment. On the other hand, doctors and patients alike want to test Jeuveau for themselves to compare its results to Botox.

Finally, Botox is approved for a variety of uses such as reducing excess sweating. Jeuveau, on the other hand, is only FDA approved to treat glabellar lines, or the lines that form between the eyebrows when scowling or frowning.

How Can We Compare Botox and Jeuveau?

Jeuveau claims to work faster and last longer than Botox, and most candidates want to know whether one product hurts more to inject than the other.

To test the two products, Dr. Cooper conducted a side-by-side comparison by using both Jeuveau and Botox with a patient. He injected 18 units of Botox to the right side of the face and 18 units of Jeuveau to the left to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead, crows’ feet, and in between the brows. Hear Dr. Cooper explain all the details and see the results for yourself in this video.

Should I Choose Botox or Jeuveau?

While Dr. Cooper’s video might help guide your decision, there are many individual factors to consider when choosing a cosmetic procedure. If you’re in the Jupiter or Palm Beach, Florida areas, Dr. Jason Cooper can answer any questions you might have. Schedule a consultation or try a virtual consultation to find out whether Botox or Jeuveau is best for you.