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Gynecomastia Surgery With Dr. Jason Cooper

Gynecomastia is a condition where men produce excess breast tissue, resulting in a less masculine chest contour. The problem is quite prevalent, with more than half of men dealing with it in some form or another. Although it may not be a health hazard, it can be embarrassing, negatively impacting a man’s quality of life and self-esteem.

There are times when gynecomastia will resolve on its own, but that’s mostly right after puberty. If it continues during the adult years, it is often impervious to diet and exercise. The problem is not excess fatty tissue, but glandular tissue, where surgical intervention is necessary. Harvard-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Cooper helps men in Jupiter and Palm Beach with gynecomastia through extensive experience and knowledge in cosmetic medicine. He can excise the right amount of tissue to create a manly contour with highly defined pecs.

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Gynecomastia Surgery Candidates

Good candidates for gynecomastia surgery in Palm Beach and Jupiter are men who suffer from excess breast tissue or are not satisfied with their chest contour. When working out religiously does not render the results you should expect, the problem may be gynecomastia. By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Cooper, he can determine if male breast reduction surgery is necessary.

Ideal patients will have excellent skin elasticity, are healthy physically and emotionally, and have completed physical maturity. We are seeing a surge in men seeking help for gynecomastia, with male breast surgery increasing more than 117% since 1997. It is one of the top five cosmetic surgeries for men.

Your Male Breast Reduction Consultation

Dr. Cooper welcomes men in the Jupiter and Palm Beach areas to discuss their concerns with gynecomastia. He will listen to your cosmetic goals and any concerns you have about having surgery. He will provide detailed information about the condition and how he plans to resolve it.

His professional staff will treat you with the highest level of care and discretion. You will appreciate our customized approach to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals.

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What to Expect From Gynecomastia Surgery

Dr. Cooper asks his patients to avoid tanning the chest area for a minimum of two weeks before surgery. You should also not wax or shave your chest for the same period and for six weeks after the operation.  We ask you to quit smoking for at least two weeks before and afterward, as well.  Prepare to have a responsible adult with you at the surgery center and for 24 hours after the operation. On the day of your appointment, arrive wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. 

Dr. Cooper may use liposuction during the procedure to eliminate any unwanted fat. However, using liposuction only when the patient has excess glandular tissue is not a wise choice. During the process, Dr. Cooper will remove any excess glandular tissue through incisions. He may use a combination of incisions and liposuction for optimal results.

What to Expect After Gynecomastia Surgery

To maintain the benefits of male breast reduction surgery, Dr. Cooper recommends staying out of the sun for as long as possible. Too much exposure early will increase the risk of scarring and prolong swelling. Also, maintain a healthy weight to prevent any recurrence and maintain the results.

Dr. Cooper will provide a list of post-operation instructions for you to follow to ensure your healing goes smoothly. Take the medications he prescribes to reduce the risk of infection and minimize pain. The swelling will last a few weeks. We ask you to take it easy for the first few days of your recovery, and limit your activities for the first week or two. Avoid strenuous exercises for four weeks.

Like with all surgical procedures, scarring is inevitable; the degree of visibility is crucial to successful results. Dr. Cooper can hide scarring by strategically placing the incisions in the border of the areolas (pigmented tissue around the nipples) to minimize their appearance. The scars will heal and fade over time.

If you are considering male breast reduction surgery, it’s best to request a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Cooper today. He will help you determine if this excellent cosmetic improvement is right for you.

Gynecomastia Surgery FAQs

Risks associated with male breast reduction are not uncommon to complications that may occur with any surgery, including the following.

  • Abnormal reaction to anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Hematoma
  • Bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Changes in sensation

Only if you would like to reduce them. Dr. Cooper can customize his technique to give you the size you prefer.

Dr. Cooper will administer either a general anesthetic or local anesthesia with sedation. He’ll discuss the type of anesthesia during your consultation and right before your surgery.

You should be able to return to work with the first week after surgery. You can discuss this with Dr. Cooper during your consultation and the first follow-up appointment after the operation.

You will see a difference in your chest contour immediately, and your results will continue to improve for three to six months after the operation.

You will enjoy the benefits of male breast reduction surgery for a lifetime. However, age and weight fluctuations may change the contour of your chest.

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