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Debunking Common Breast Lift Myths

Breast lift surgery offers an excellent option for women seeking to reverse the effects of time and gravity to achieve a younger, more feminine breast presence. But unfortunately, there are myths and exaggerations associated with breast surgery, leading many excellent candidates to question the procedure.

If you are a woman who has considered breast lift surgery, Dr. Jason Cooper offers this practical information about breast lift with implants and breast lift without implants for dramatic aesthetic improvement.

Myth #1: Exercise will Resolve Sagging Breasts

While exercise is a critical part of a woman’s health, it has limitations concerning her breasts. Toning muscles beneath breast tissue can help correct some sagging. Still, the loss of skin elasticity will become too much to overcome through exercise or weight training. 

Lax breast tissue results from several factors, with most issues requiring surgery. Following a breast lift, you should develop a safe and effective exercise routine to sustain your improved breast firmness.

Myth #2: Creams and Potions Can Restore Perky Breasts

Creams can’t eliminate facial wrinkles nor can they help breast elevation. They only temporarily moisturize for short-term help. So, ignore late-night promotions of miracle lotions that are more of a con than practical.

Myth #3: A Breast Lift Leaves Unsightly Scarring

No woman wants significant scarring from a surgery designed to enhance breast appearance. There are several different incision pattens that can be used for Breast Lift which can involve a combination of incisions that are all made at or below the areola (nipple area). It is important that the correct incision pattern for your breast anatomy is used in order to achieve your goals in a Breast Lift and avoid malposition of breast implants and/or breast tissue. The good news is that for most of Dr. Cooper’s Breast Lift patients, the scarring from the incisions fades significantly after 6 months to 1 year, and the scars are always concealed in a bikini, bra or clothing. Additionally, lasers and scar creams can also help minimize scarring.  At your consultation, Dr. Cooper will discuss incision location and how effectively scarring will fade over time.

Myth #4: My Breasts Are Too Big for a Lift

Provided you are in good health, don’t smoke, have realistic expectations, and are dissatisfied by the loose breast tissue, you are an excellent candidate for a breast lift. There is no size too large or too small where a breast lift can’t help. 

However, women with larger breasts may not experience the same results as patients with smaller bustlines because of heavier breast tissue. Therefore, Dr. Cooper will devise a customized surgical plan that may include breast reduction to deliver an optimal outcome explicitly designed for you. 

Myth #5: Breast Implants Will Get the Job Done

Unfortunately, breast augmentation is designed more for fullness and size than breast elevation. However, combining a breast lift with implants will work if you need bigger breasts with a higher position. Talk to Dr. Cooper about your cosmetic goals during your consultation, and he may suggest a breast lift with implants for a comprehensive cosmetic improvement.

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