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What Makes Liposuction for Men Different?

Body contouring for men via liposuction has been around for many years and is seen as both a safe and effective solution to excess fat. Contrary to popular belief, not just anyone with excess fat is a good fit for the procedure. Liposuction is a highly effective way to accomplish an improved body contour and continues to be the leading method. The best candidates are those willing and ready to lead a healthy lifestyle but are in need of a little extra help.

Regardless of gender, the intended function of a liposuction procedure is to remove a precise amount of fat to reveal a more aesthetically pleasing body contour. The procedure itself is performed via a cannula that loosens and removes the excess fat in the chosen area through minor incisions. For men, the area of concern is often in the abdominal area, as the hips and thighs are not typically an area that collects much fat on men. Over the years, liposuction technology has allowed for more precision and the results are now revealing more toned physiques. If a man is within a certain range of his weight goal, this can help better reveal muscle tone in the abdominal area.

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Is Male Liposuction Right for Me?

First, it is key to have an open dialogue with Dr. Cooper in order to get the best possible result. The best candidate is someone that is no more than 25 pounds away from their goal or healthy weight. The reason for this is because, even though the procedure is intended for excess fat removal, it is not intended to provide major weight loss. In addition to not being terribly far from your ideal weight, you will want to be a generally healthy person. Being in good health and a non-smoker will give you the best chance to a speedy recovery.

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