Review 33

I could tell you a short flowery testimony but I rather tell you my experience. At my first appointment I was met by a pleasant charming professional staff that immediately helped me feel comfortable. Being nervous when I first met Dr.C I immediately knew by his manner and questions he was not only brilliant but genuinely wanting to please me. As I spoke of what I wanted I could see him LISTENING to my every wish. Clearly he understood what I wanted. I was so impressed with his manner and caring attitude I made an appointment that day for a face lift. The pre op process which we all dread was completely taking over by his well choreographed team. Day of surgery, of course nervous, the staff showing genuine concern comforted me.Throughout this experience I was never left alone. Then, again, I met with Dr.C to be clear on what I should expect and to clarify my wishes. Next I was met by an anesthesiologist in the regular examining room. Then I thought I would the go off to see the usual stressful sterile atmosphere of the surgical OR. No, I was shielded from this anxiety. What I thought was moments later, I awoke with clarity and no anesthesia hang over. Friends picked me up to bring me home. I had no pain and never took a pain med. UNREAL. This has been an unbelievable experience for me. To have found Dr.Jason Cooper has been as beneficial to my Mental Health as my physical appearance. In this world of rush he was with me every step of the way. He is a tribute to his craft and I feel privileged to be treated by him. On a scale of 1-10, he is 90. Dr.C no words can express my gratitude – M.L.