Review 26

Dr. Cooper is truly a unique plastic surgeon. He takes his time, listens while looking and quietly assesses what is needed. He listened to me with what I would say a “third” ear… that is, as he is engaging me in conversation he is intently focusing on my face: dimension, depth and angles are being assessed! I have gone to Dr. Cooper for a number of procedures ranging from a squamous cell lesion to cosmetic reconstruction and laser resurfacing… Having had (life threatening) procedures over the years with highly rated NYC surgeons (both plastic and general) I would definitely place Dr Cooper in the number one spot. He is a hidden treasure ‾ I have also recommended him and never been given negative feedback. He is special in sharing the depth of his knowledge, the continuity of his care and overall concern for my health, both physical and emotional. The office staff follows this stream of concern with attentiveness, kindness, prompt and efficient service. Everyone is so very approachable.– B.F.