Review 25

Dr.Cooper along with the staff were completely professional, they went above and beyond what I had expected to get as far as service and the surgery went. I felt so comfortable around all of them, as they were extremely nice and delightful to be around when it is an uncomfortable situation for me. I had not felt this level of caring and comfort at any of my previous conciliations with other surgeon’s. It felt very personal and one on one as if I was their only patient. From the moment I stepped into the office to the moment I left it was nothing but genuine sincerity, caring and smiles from the excellent staff. Dr.Cooper took the time to explain all my questions before I could even ask them. He was very thorough and honest about how the operation would happen and my recovery. He listened to me and recommended his professional opinion but did exactly as I has asked for. When I woke up from the surgery I was taken care of, not rushed out, and felt like I had my privacy which I really appreciated. I am extremely happy with the results (breast augmentation) and would go to him again if I ever needed anything done in the future. I could barely pull off a A cup, they were so small and my body is so tiny I was afraid I would look fake but they are a full C now and look amazing and natural. It doesn’t just look like 2 rocks under my skin, its very natural. Thank you Dr.Cooper and the staff for making this pleasant and comfortable for me! Thank you! – H.W.