The Advantage of an Office Based Surgical Facility

Discretion & Confidentiality | PRIVACY

Our private cosmetic surgery office provides complete privacy and discretion.  Our employees sign non-disclosure agreements and we pride ourselves on maintaining discretion and confidentiality. We only perform one surgery at a time, and typically you will not see any other patients on the day of your surgery.

Specialized, Top Quality, Consistent Operating Team | QUALITY & SAFETY

Dr. Cooper’s surgical staff of anesthesiologists, CRNA, RNs, OR Techs and Medical Assistants are trained and experienced specifically in plastic surgery and he hand picks the OR Team that he believes will deliver the best care and results for his patients. We have a consistent team of professionals that work together in our operating room several days a week, resulting in better, safer, more successful surgery.

Operating Equipment Specialized for Plastic Surgery | QUALITY,  SAFETY & COMFORT

All of our Operating Room equipment and supplies are specialized for cosmetic surgery and specific cosmetic procedures. We have a wide assortment of specialized equipment for cosmetic procedures that would often not be available in a hospital.

Healthy Atmosphere | SAFETY & COMFORT

We only perform elective cosmetic surgery in our surgical suite, unlike hospitals who also deal with infections, disease, critically ill patients and trauma. Our patients and operating facility are not exposed to the volume of patients, variety of germs and infection, or wear and tear that is typically found at a hospital.


Our goal is to make your cosmetic surgery experience smooth and comfortable. You will be greeted by the friendly faces of our staff who will be familiar with you and your cosmetic procedure.  We have full control over our operative schedule and know how to schedule your surgical time to minimize your pre-operative wait times. In a hospital setting the surgeon has much less control over the surgical schedule and surgeries can often get delayed.

Clean, Comfortable, Private Setting | COMFORT, PRIVACY & CONVENIENCE

Our offices were designed to reflect our commitment to providing a high end, private setting for your cosmetic procedure.  Calming tones, quiet atmosphere, well-trained staff, comfortable seating, and private rooms for preoperative preparation and postoperative recovery help eliminate anxiety and make your surgical experience and calm and smooth as possible.

Precision & Experience

Dr. Jason Cooper is a Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon whose patient-centered approach and meticulous attention to detail produce excellent results.

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