Is Non-Surgical the New Surgical?

If you’ve been watching the aesthetic industry over the last couple years, you may have noticed a major push for non-surgical solutions for common cosmetic concerns. The cause of this is two-fold – patients are getting younger and technology is getting better. Younger patients are wary of having surgery and are often not looking to make a commitment to anything permanent. As for technology, just like other medical procedures as it improves surgeries and treatments become less invasive with a lower associated risk. Keep reading to learn more about the non-surgical trends you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2018.

Using Treatments Preventatively

While the use of neuro-modulators, fillers and collagen stimulators is nothing new, the application and the age group using it definitely is. Now that plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments have become more mainstream, prospective patients are more informed than they were 5-10 years ago. With this new informed audience, they now understand that getting started early is far more effective than waiting until the lines and wrinkles have set in. Keeping this in mind, it’s no surprise that patients in their 20’s are trying Botox® to curb frown lines and crow’s feet.

Non-Surgical Contouring Treatments

While non-surgical fat removal had a huge year in 2017, we don’t see the demand for this slowing down anytime soon. Treatments like Kybella™ will only increase in popularity for melting fat around the jawline. With the right amount of treatments recommended for each patient, Kybella yields result similar to detailed liposuction for excess fat under the chin and neck for most patients. Unlike other injectable treatments, Kybella’s results are permanent. We’re excited to see what’s to come with fat eliminating injectables like Kybella, and the possible treatment areas beyond the chin.

A Focus on Results, Not Brands

Recently, we are seeing a change in how patients approach consultations. Patients are coming in with a specific aesthetic goal in mind rather than simply requesting a branded treatment. This new kind of treatment demand is calling for providers to get more creative. The most successful providers are responding to this demand by creating comprehensive treatment plans that often combine a few non-surgical treatments to achieve a specific look. Patients looking for smoother, brighter skin may combine Botox and laser treatments to improve texture and lines.

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