Visia Skin Analysis

VISIA® Complexion Analysis

While we all know our age, not all of us are aware of our skin age. That’s right-our skin may be a different age than we are depending on the amount of damage it has received over the years. The VISIA Complexion Analysis System can help reveal your real skin age so you can take the right steps to keep your complexion healthy for years to come!

What is the VISIA® Complexion Analysis System?

The VISIA Complexion Analysis System is a great way to see what’s really going on with your skin’s health. This system uses cutting-edge technology to take high-resolution images of your skin to show sunspots, wrinkles texture, pores, UV spots, brown spots, red areas, and porphyrins that you might not see with the naked eye. Plus, VISIA’s multi-point positioning system and live image overlay make it possible to capture images to document your skin’s progress over time.

VISIA allows for an in-depth analysis of your complexion, helping us find the perfect skin care treatment for you!

The VISIA® Analysis Experience

When coming in for your VISIA skin analysis, it is important that you come in makeup and sunscreen-free for the most accurate photos. The actual photos take just minutes to complete, and Dr. Cooper will then go over your skin report with you. This report will help us make you a detailed treatment plan.

Customized Skincare

After your VISIA skin analysis, you can select from personalized skincare product recommendations from VISIA’s built-in product library. Our team will work with you to create an individualized skincare plan based on your VISIA imaging results to help ensure you meet your skincare goals and prevent signs of aging in the future.

At Cooper MD Plastic Surgery, we also carry a line of professional skincare products, including:

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Precision & Experience

Dr. Jason Cooper is a Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon whose patient-centered approach and meticulous attention to detail produce excellent results.

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