Face Lifts with Dr. Cooper: Advanced Airway Technique:

Minimal to No Narcotics are required for Dr. Cooper’s Face Lift Surgery.

Narcotics are one of the primary causes of Nausea and Vomiting post operatively. By minimizing the use of narcotics we can minimize the risk of Nausea and Vomiting post operatively.

For Dr. Cooper’s Face Lift Surgery we perform a Total Intravenous Anesthetic or Tiva.

Which is a combination of adequate Localization with Propofol for sedation. This technique should only be performed by highly skilled professionals with extensive knowledge on advanced airway techniques. With this technique minimal to No narcotics are used; This is the same anesthesia used for a colonoscopy, and is very gentle. The patient does not have to be intubated and therefore is breathing on their own, just as they would in their own bed at night; they are breathing spontaneously.

This technique is further modified with the use of an advanced airway technique which allows for a tight seal similar to a mask seal which allows us to provide peep and ambu bag ventilation as necessary. This, in turn, gives us a much safer controlled airway and better patient outcomes, all while providing a minimum anesthetic technique.

The Superior Choice

These improvements on advanced techniques are a part of our continuing effort to provide a safe and comfortable anesthetic experience to our patients. At our practice, we make it a priority to create an individualized surgical and anesthesia plan for each patient based on their medical history.

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Malon S. Devine DNAP, CRNA, MBA